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Nature Scents

Commercial Diffuser up to 900m3

Commercial Diffuser up to 900m3



The industry leader in Submicron Scent Diffusion Technology

Our electric commercial diffuser employs our advanced scent diffusion system, which uses submicron micro diffusion technology to provide the most effective and safe fragrance diffusion for a scented room.

We offer complete scent solutions, from scent creation to full-service equipment installation and maintenance at your location. Contact us to inquire about our service contracts, which include leasing options for the diffuser.

  • Minimal liquid consumption rate
  • No trace or residue
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Smart diffuser with adjustable preferences for timing and intensity via a user-friendly app.


Model: Compact diffuser 750ML
Dimensions: W: 11cm L: 30cm H: 22cm
Weight: 2.2 kg
Power: 12 Watt, 230 V, 50 Hz
Color: White or black
Refill bottle: 750 ml 100% Fine Fragrance Oil
Technology: Micro diffusion technology
Coverage: Up to 900m3 (this can be reduced/extended w setting level and scent chosen)
Control: Bluetooth scent app. Adjust operating hours and intensity level via your smart phone
Mounting options: Wall mount, freestanding or connect into HVAC ducting
Area of use: Most common areas of use are: retail stores, hotels, residence lobbies, waiting rooms, showrooms, offices
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