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HVAC Air conditioner diffuser

HVAC Air conditioner diffuser


Air Conditioner Scent Diffuser

Premium air conditioning scent diffuser for large and very large areas!

These HVAC air diffusers & scent delivery systems allow even and precisely controlled scenting of any sized area from a small shop to a large shopping mall via the ducted air conditioning and can be used for both Scent Marketing and odour control.

  • Mains powered
  • 900-9,000m3 coverage
  • Time & intensity controls
  • We are air conditioning diffuser suppliers to some of the best known brands

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Model: HVAC Scent Diffuser (4 model options)
Dimensions: W: 30cm L: 20cm H: 20cm
Weight: 5 kg
Power: 15 Watt 230 V / 50 Hz
Refill bottle: 400-4,000ml fine fragrance oil
Technology: Micro diffusion technology
Coverage: Up to 900-9000m3, depending on model selected
Control:Electronic power selector (on/off/timer and diffusion cycle for intensity control)
Mounting options: Wall mount, freestanding or connect into HVAC ducting
Area of use: Most common areas of use are: shopping malls, hotels, building lobbies and casinos
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